Jordan X PSG aims to change sports fashion forever

Paris Saint Germain is currently one of the world’s most prestigious clubs with huge stars such as Neymar, Kylian Mbappe and Ederson Cavani representing the club. However, the club now aims to become more than just a competitor for this year’s Champions League title, as they team up with Jordan to compete in the fashion market as well.

Brandy Melville: an Instagram Cult or a Lucrative Masterpiece?

Brandy Melville is a candidly Californian apparel brand that embodies scenes of beaches and sunny skies, mixed with beautiful ‘IT’ girls wearing Brandy Melville’s clothes in an effort to target social media crazed teens. The effort is not wasted, despite solely using Paid, Earned and Owned media to advertise. The audience ranges from tweens to…

End Youth Homelessness

With this cold weather that feels like its been here since forever (not literally but I like to exaggerate), I can’t help but think about the poor homeless people who don’t have the luxury of a warm house, a cosy bed for the night, or five hot chocolate’s a day like I tend to be consuming. I can’t even begin to imagine what life would be like if I suddenly found myself homeless. With 80,000 young people homeless every year, it’s time more was done to help (, 2018).

Jigsaw’s pro-diversity, pro-immigration stance

Since talk about Brexit began, one major political matter has been immigration. With several conflicting views many brands would stay clear of including this controversial topic in their marketing communications. Jigsaw however have taken the risk of putting the subject of immigration the heart of their autumn/ Winter campaign “I heart immigration” with the help of agency The Corner.

Getting Hinched

If you’ve seen some empty shelves in supermarket cleaning aisles over recent months, Mrs. Hinch will be the reason why. As of October 2018, 1.1 Million of us are part of the #hincharmy, myself included, and we’re all putting our sink to bed and ‘hinching’ our homes. Mrs. Hinch’s Instagram followers are updated daily with…

Pretending to be green is MEAN

CSR stands for corporate social responsibility and it is a term which describes how organisations impact upon the society in which they operate in and we live in. CSR focuses on lots of things including ethical trading, environmental impact, working standards, contribution to educational and social programs. Lately I’ve been interested in how organisations are…