Jordan X PSG aims to change sports fashion forever

Paris Saint Germain is currently one of the world’s most prestigious clubs with huge stars such as Neymar, Kylian Mbappe and Ederson Cavani representing the club. However, the club now aims to become more than just a competitor for this year’s Champions League title, as they team up with Jordan to compete in the fashion market as well. This represents PSG’s goal to turn the club into an emerging lifestyle brand (Paris Saint Germain, 2018).

With a whopping 107 million Instagram followers makes Neymar of the hottest marketing prospects in 2018, not just in football, but in the world (Instagram, 2018). The Brazilian did recently become the worlds most branded footballer with endorsement deals from 35 different companies worth £14 million. With this number of followers makes him, not just a football star, but one of the most famous people in sports. This enables the collection to reach audiences that does not necessarily follow Paris Saint Germain week in week out in the French top-flight League 1 (Bleacher Report, 2018).


This continuous establishment of the PSG brand makes it possible for them to keep bringing in both experienced stars and some of the world’s most talented young players to their squad every season. This is mainly why they are so dominant in the French league and is seen as one of the favourites to win the prestigious Champions League in May.

This shifts the focus over on to another important topic which is becoming more and more relevant. Since the start of 2000’s there has been a rapid change in the football player market as player prices have increased multiple times over during the last few years. Why? Because of this new focus on players not only adding ability and skill to a team, but marketing value and increasing brand awareness. This is probably why Neymar was bought to Paris Saint Germain from Barcelona for the small amount of £222m.

Of course, it’s not certain that this will be a successful marketing campaign for either brands, but with Beyoncé, Jay Z and Stephen Curry all being seen wearing the new collection, is certainly not lowering the interest of the collaboration. All we know is that if this collaboration between Jordan and PSG is turning into a hit, will make it dangerous not to consider PSG being one of the best teams in the world with their increased capacity to enhance their squad in a market that keeps increasing.

Author: Ole Henrik Morken


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