Getting Hinched

If you’ve seen some empty shelves in supermarket cleaning aisles over recent months, Mrs. Hinch will be the reason why.

As of October 2018, 1.1 Million of us are part of the #hincharmy, myself included, and we’re all putting our sink to bed and ‘hinching’ our homes.

Mrs. Hinch’s Instagram followers are updated daily with her cleaning hacks and must haves – most favoured off all is the Zoflora (which I now can’t live without) and, of course, the Minky M cloth.

‘Must have’ products featured on Mrs. Hinch’s Instagram instantly sell out, with ‘hinchers’ stocking up on cleaning supplies, leading to a Zoflora shortage and the demand for an ordinarily £2.50 Minky M cloth selling on Amazon for £29.99 before becoming unavailable. That’s right, £30 for a cloth.

Engagement is a key factor in Mrs. Hinch’s success, with followers finding her relatable and trustworthy. The phenomenon around Mrs. Hinch truly shows the impact that social media influencers have over their audiences, and the market. With promotional posts, affiliate links and discount codes, it’s clear companies want to work with her and feature on her page so they can reap the benefits of the ‘hinch effect’ and the high interaction between her and her audience.

Who would have thought cleaning would be the new viral trend for 2018?

Author: Lauren Nicol

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