TN Biscuits

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nike’s TN line of trainers, they re-released the original (OG) colourway that was first released in 1998 (Nike, 2018). Nike allowed their stockists the freedom to market the release in their own unique way, paying homage to the 20 years of influence the TN had over the UK culture.

In Footlocker’s recent video campaign, they incorporated one of the UK’s grimiest up-and-coming artist, Slowthai; known for his popular song TN Biscuits. The retro-style video clip utilises the use of an intentionally low budget green screen aesthetic, almost making the viewer feel as though they are watching a video created in the 90s. Linking with Slowthai’s raw street authenticity, Footlocker created a real and relatable concept for their viewers.

Footlocker created a piece of content that reminded viewers of the roots of Nike’s TN. They are making consumers aware that the OG TN is re-releasing by reminding them of where it came from. Guiding buyers who have a history of buying behaviour with the brand and product. With Nike and the TN being a staple within UK culture, Footlocker are merely nudging their targeted audience, by reinforcing positive associations with brand; specifically reinforcing the habits of existing buyers as opposed to new customers (De Pelsmacker, Geuens and Van Den Bergh, 2017).

With the average engagement rate on Instagram for a page of Slowthai’s size being 2.33% (Statista, 2018). Slowthai has amassed a cult-like following, myself included, with an engagement rate of 16.67%, 8 times that of the average (, 2018). Having a highly-engaged audience would benefit Footlocker and Nike highly through the use of celebrity endorsement, as Slowthai’s audience would be more likely to positively associate and purchase Nike products due to the association with Slowthai (Zafer Erdogran, 1999).

With the UK rapper’s current hype just bubbling beneath the UK mainstream radar, he is going to “blow up” very soon and, with the current collaboration with Nike, both parties can only benefit when this finally happens.

(FAT.LEWIS, 2018).

Author: Jert Serrano


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